South Korean game developer Krafton has announced the pre-registration date for the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA  game which will replace PUBG Mobile which was blocked by the Indian government in September 2020.

Pre-registrations for this game will start on May 18, 2021 on the Google Play Store.

Indian players who have registered for this game will be given prizes that can be claimed when the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA game is officially released.



BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is a replacement game for PUBG Mobile which has been blocked by the Indian government along with several other applications originating from China due to data privacy issues.

The Indian government argued that several applications from China including PUBG Mobile would threaten India's sovereignty and security.

Krafton from South Korea as the developer of PUBG took over the development of PUBG Mobile and redeveloped PUBG Mobile specifically for India under the name BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

Can items from PUBG Mobile be claimed at BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA?

Ghatak who is also a popular content creator recently claimed that Indian players will get all the old PUBG Mobile items at Battlegrounds Mobile India.

So it's possible that old players at PUBG Mobile can recopy items that have been purchased to Battlegrounds Mobile India.